Setup Package

Our setup package involves the creation of digital marketing assets, including:
  1. Creation of the website, website pages, SM Handles and links to external social handles that may be of interest to the client.
  2. Re-designing the existing properties and ensuring that they reflect our clients’ skill sets and brand voice.
  3. Creating a content marketing strategy that aligns with the overall corporate/institutional and marketing objectives.
  4. Forming SEO-enabled content that ensures high visibility and effectively caters to search engine algorithms.
  5. Carefully defining the tone and language of the brand’s online presence. This includes creating dynamic design templates that are highly appealing to the target audience.
  6. Developing a specific platform strategy for each customer and each platform – in terms of particular posts, periodicity, and tonality.
  7. Closely following metrics and measures to systematically assess the assets’ efficacy, content, and linkages to the marketing objectives.
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Marketing Package

Once the Digital Assets are set up, Trivone Edu will focus on taking the customer to the market using digital marketing tools, platforms and techniques. Typical services will be:
  1. Conducting an audit of the existing assets, past performance, current efficacy keeping in mind the target audience’s needs. 
  2. Identifying areas or gaps that need to be plugged in terms of content development.
  3. Creating a digital marketing calendar of activities for the short and medium-term.
  4. Developing a content calendar as a derivative of the marketing calendar.
  5. Identifying offline activities that will bolster and support the brand’s online persona.
  6. Creating fresh content for each asset individually while smartly repurposing existing content to serve new perspectives.
  7. Execute the digital marketing program in an integrated manner across platforms and assets, driving the synergy between the client’s online and offline activities.
  8. Create and drive lead-generation activities using content assets and pre-identified internal and external platforms.
  9. Develop brand campaigns using organic and inorganic properties.
  10. Create an Online Reputation Management (ORM) methodology to assess the brand’s impact, content and advocacy campaigns on the target audience.
  11. Drive advocacy through an internal or a client-appointed agency.

Create package

Under the Create package, Trivone Edu provides:
  1. Courseware that is SEO compliant, using tools decided upon by the client and Trivone Edu (i.e. Adobe or PPT).
  2. Courseware created using our proprietary methodology that involves a rigorous pre-approval process, QA and production.
  3. Appropriate Subject Matter Experts (SME) enrolled for creating the courseware.
  4. World-class pedagogy using easy-to-understand but visually powerful tools and whiteboard renditions.
  5. Assessment exercises provided at the end of each course for the student to assess their progress and learnings.
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Consulting and Advisory Services

Trivone Edu also provides world-class consulting services to institutions that need to transform their current processes to cater to the emerging education market’s needs. This involves:
  1. Digital Transformation Consulting, which includes change management, structural advisory services, positioning of the institution within and amongst its TA, and its competition.
  2. Advisory services that involve culture management and a shift from the corporate mindset, allowing a deep dive into the needs of students.
  3. Identification of best practices and introducing the same within the institution.
  4. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of this market and relationships that allow them to go the extra mile in alleviating some of the teething issues that bog the institution during the early days.
  5. Leveraging alumni to enhance the positioning of the institution.