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Changing Digital Content in 2015

Mansi Priya, Marketing, Trivone Digital

The digital content landscape has been through many changes in the last few years. The world moved its eyes from newspapers and books to e-books and e-newspapers, from laptops to ipad and mobiles – and social media has grown rapidly. Considering the changing trends in digital content, there are some focus areas for delivering good content in 2016.

Digital Content

Mobile marketing has seen significant growth, and this trend seems to continue into 2016. In today’s fast paced world, people have less time and prefer to have information on their palm. Due to this growing trend, apps like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook for mobile, Twitter for mobile etc. has gained popularity. According to surveys, mobile access to content is increasing. So, remember to include mobile screens when delivering digital content.

Social Media Marketing is another element that has added value to digital content. Many companies, brands, celebrities, leaders etc. have taken this with impressive results. In 2015, the American President Barack Obama also started using twitter. Many top brands added to their bottom lines using social media marketing. This tells us the potential of Social Media Marketing and its future.

As mobile marketing and social media marketing are booming, so is visual content. Videos are a big hit on social media, and the content becomes even more engaging on mobile. Making interactive videos for mobile and social has enhanced the marketing and branding activities of many companies. People like videos and engages better with these than text content. If you want to stay on top of content marketing in 2016, include videos, pictures, graphics and other visual based content.

E-reading is also becoming popular. From thick paperbacks to light weight reading gadgets. E-books are giving the print volumes a decent run from their money. For many users, E-books provide better reading experience and more options at lower costs than printed.

Moving forward, content will need to be more personalised. Many website owners and bloggers receive most positive feedback when content is published for a specific audience. So, the focus should move from utilising generic content to writing customised content that specifically addresses the interests and concerns of customers.

Consider these platforms/measures for better content marketing better in 2016. Stay ahead in the digital industry by delivering improved customer experiences.

Video Marketing : The Essential Element Of Content

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- Mansi Priya, Marketing, Trivone Digital

Standing out of the crowd and create a marketing campaign out of the box has always been a challenge for a marketer. In digital campaigns content should appeal visually and be retained by customers. So the digital marketer has to brainstorm, on creating methods to leave a strong impact on the readers. In the era of digital transformation and data available in your palm, an essential element to impress the reader is video.


Today when people are too busy in their life, with lowering patience levels, digital marketers need to grab the attention of the target audience. Video Marketing is an extension of text content marketing, but it serves as an alternative medium for businesses to convey their message. Through videos marketers can reach a wider audience and get more exposure to their message. Watching video is less time consuming and creativity of audio-visual clipping leave a good impact on the audience.

Videos are a big hit on social media. They give customers quick overview of product/service without involving them to read detailed text information. The involvement time of the customer is reduced and makes it interesting for them. 

To tap the upcoming audience, which is comprised mostly of millennials, marketers should understand what impacts them best. David Shing, Digital Prophet at AOL, says that Gen Y consumers are “freaky for videos”. They like to spend their time on content. To make the content consumption interesting for them, use of videos is important.

As marketers put more emphasis on storytelling, to make an emotional connect with the customers, showing a video is like a cherry on cake. This enables to build strong connectivity with the customers. Videos enable strong storytelling in short yet memorable way, which viewers can enjoy and marketers can analyse.

We can imagine the future of videos. After tremendous success of You Tube in so many years, people started sharing videos on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This practice became so common that Facebook opened doors to video creators. Earlier this year, Facebook announced that, its video uploads would be having embedding on other sites. Now Facebook is attracting major video creators to the social network and making it more dynamic for its readers.

Thanks to the technology tools, it has become easier than ever for anyone to create a video at minimal cost. It has become easy to capture the attention of readers by videos yet it is critically important to have an effective strategy. The consumption of videos has increased excessively on mobile. The technical plugins and resolution should be taken care of, to make the consumption easy for audience.

The Digital Marketer should not skip this essential element in digital campaigns to create strong impression on readers.

Content Marketing: The latest ‘trend’ in Marketing

- Ruchika Narang, Marketing Program Director, Trivone Digital


In businesses across domains, sizes and industries, marketing is a core business strategy. Right from launch of a product or service and sales enhancement to customer engagement, marketers across the globe have followed traditional ATL / BTL activities to promote brands, gain customers and gather behavioral data. With the rapid increase in digitization and Google search becoming a go-to tool for all consumers to shape their buying decisions, some of the traditional marketing methods are becoming outdated and uninteresting. New and creative marketing techniques are now taking shape in order to both attract and retain customers, particularly by leveraging the online medium.

This is where Content Marketing comes in.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategy that involves creating and distributing informative, engaging and valuable content with the aim of attracting customers, keeping them engaged and involved with your brand and further converting them to repeat buyers / users, thus paving way for future business opportunities.

The idea behind using content marketing is to keep a potential consumer well informed about your product/service, interested to find out more about you and engaged enough to inculcate loyalty. Content marketing helps to increase brand recall as well as reduce the sales cycle. A customer better educated about your brand is more likely to choose you over your competitors.

What we must keep in mind is that customer expectations are constantly evolving and this means you (as a brand) needs to be ready and aligned for this dynamism. Customers today do not want advertising thrown in their face, they want valuable information. They pay more importance to ‘viral’ content on their social media pages versus sales pitches. Customers need to be able to trust your brand, give you feedback, engage in a conversation with you before they decide to become ‘loyal’.

Content Marketing helps achieve this by means of a carefully structured and targeted content strategy. What’s best is that Content Marketing is a fantastic way to increase your brand reach, recall and credibility without the enormous costs attached to more traditional forms of marketing, particularly ATL methods. Even Google gives you points for fresh and good quality content!

How to get started with Content Marketing

Here are some tips to get you started:

Blog Away!

Much like this one, blogs are a useful way to get your thoughts, opinions, messaging across to potential consumers. It is a great way to establish yourself as thought leaders in your domain as well as connect with your audience by encouraging comments and conversations on the blog page. Regularly refreshed and original content boosts your search rankings as well. Create a blog calendar with a weekly blogging schedule, in order to plan your blog well. Try putting up at least 2 original posts a week. You can also share content from other sources – such as news articles relevant to your industry.

Say Goodbye to the ‘Sales Pitch’

With effective content marketing, you do not need flashy sales pitches, slogans and ads. The tone and voice of your content should be such that it easily appeals to the reader by educating and engaging him at the same time. Avoid ‘promotional’ messaging and opt for ‘informative’ content. Customers are more inclined to reading about your business’ area of expertise and not to experience a hard sell. Keep the content informative and creative – try using infographics to get your messaging across!

Post, Like, Share!

Do not stop at just writing and updating your blog. Spread the word! Use your social media platforms to distribute your blog / site content. Social media is a great tool to reach many eyeballs in a short span of time. Most companies are now integrating a dedicated social media strategy into the overall marketing strategy and rightly so, since this can go a long way to establish your company’s web presence. Social Media platforms are ideal to ‘talk’ to your customers. The more viewers comment on, like and share your posts, the higher the ROI your social media outreach earns.

Use Videos

Market research indicates that more people are browsing the internet from their mobile devices rather than from desktops/laptops. With the increased penetration of smartphones in India, users are accessing and consuming content ‘on the go’. What does this mean for marketers? That we must create content that is more easily and readily consumable, content such as videos. Videos are popular because people connect more strongly to visuals than copy. Videos are often more entertaining and quick to consume compared to long texts and are hence likely to get higher views. Not just this, multimedia content again increases your Google juice!

To conclude, Content Marketing is an efficient, low-cost and creative technique for companies to establish their brand presence, and develop relationships with customers, while allowing them to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Keep tuned for more on content marketing – tips, lessons, examples in the future posts!