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Make Your Content “Seeable”, Not Just “Readable”

- Mansi Priya, Marketing, Trivone Digital

If you are struggling to obtain results from your content marketing efforts, it’s time to power up and take your content marketing to the next level. Today, words are not enough to keep customers and prospects engaged. Whitepapers are no longer the secret to inbound marketing. Visual has become the new norm.

Content, especially marketing content, is not just something one can read and understand; you would be no different from newspapers that have content people consume at will. To engage prospects and customers, content should be able to connect with them, address their issues, concerns and challenges. When your content descends into the battleground of your prospective clients, it becomes immediately relevant, engaging and of significance.

Using the right tools, you can speed up this process. Light the fires around your content strategy by effectively utilizing visual content— infographics, videos, GIFs, memes and much more. Get creative and bold—show your customers and prospects ideas instead of telling them. Make your content more “seeable” than just readable.

Word-heavy content can easily kill interest. Break the monotony of plain text. Make the content light and consumable by using images to simplify complex concepts and ideas. Clients and prospects would find it 10x more attention-worthy and easy-to-follow. To connect effectively with your target audience, build a strong story and tell it with images, comic strips, videos or memes.

The more the images and infographics in your content, the more shareable it is on digital platforms, and higher the chance of it going viral.

So focus your efforts on making an impact with the content you have: To reach your audience, keep it short on text and high on visuals!

Importance Of Content Marketing Strategy

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- Anit J. George, Content Writer, Trivone Digital

A website is an active medium for getting information about your products or services. Content is of prime importance, and its quality matters most. The success or failure of your website depends on the quality of content, which can make or break your online business.


Have you been using the previous year’s content marketing strategy? If so, you need to change it for the coming year by drawing up a strong content marketing plan that meets your business goals.

Digital marketing is the latest trend and quality online content can provide your customers valuable information about your products and services.

Content marketing is important to your business for the following reasons:
It provides information: Potential customers must know about your products or services to help them decide as to how it benefit them. Your website content should spur them into action!

It drives traffic: Every kind of business these days desires to develop web content that would draw maximum attention. Content should be well written and constantly updated to have a positive impact.

It develops loyal customers: Good quality content can create a positive buzz about your products and services and result in loyal customers who follow your brand constantly.

It enhances SEO – Your website’s visibility is enhanced by good quality content. It would lead to the building of a powerful brand by linking SEO to an effective content marketing strategy and thereby improving the rankings.

Your content marketing strategy should encompass all digital media, such as social media, blogs, marketing and promotions. If implemented effectively, it could give a major boost to your business.

Content Marketing : A Consummate Medium Of Success

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- Aman Sohi, Manager Content, Trivone Digital

Content is the reason search began in the first place ~ Lee Odden 

Content plays an important part, when we talk about methods of communicating. In earlier times, reading was the best way of understanding. With advancement in technology, content never loses its glory. Today, more or less all brands develop their websites based on content and infographics. As a client or an onlooker, it is very important for us to understand about a company and reading content can be the best way. In other ways, content is considered as a backbone of any online branding company.

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This is one part of the story, after drafting good content, it is supposed to reach the desired audience. Content marketing does the trick and fast-growing marketing agencies leave no stone unturned in order to make sure that content is placed right before the client. Whether it is B2B or B2C target segment, good and relevant content sell like hot cakes. In this new age of semantic and social search, content marketing has emerged as, more than just, a buzzword or a fad to one of the most important and critical element in digital marketing. No doubt it has grown to become one of the most powerful tools available for doing business and connecting with targeted customers through the internet. According to facts, more than 73% of businesses rely on branded content for marketing and promotion. Social media, articles, newsletters and blogs remain at the top content marketing tactics used by many businesses. 

Some of the benefits of content marketing includes 

·    It generates more inbound traffic to the client's website- Custom content is favored by up to 68 % of consumers for the basic reason that it caters to their interest of particular need for information. 
·    It increases engagement with the targeted audiences.
·    It generates more leads. Based on an effective content marketing campaign, companies having relevant blogs and websites can generate 97% more leads than other companies. 
·    It increases sales.
·    Builds brand awareness. 
·    Establishes the client as a thought leader. 
·    Is cheaper than traditional forms of marketing. 

How to reach the C-Suite with content?

Content marketers spend a lot of time and money creating just the right content to engage their customers and prospects, but much of it goes unheeded by the most coveted audiences — the C-suite. Executives are a challenging audience and because of their buying power, it is worth cracking the code on executive content. The C level executives only believe their peers for information and know what they need. They do not waste time with 'salesy' pitches and lightweight stories. In order to generate successful content for executives, the following points need to be followed:

·    Ensure your facts are credible as credibility is key to success
·    Provide actionable and timely information on issues that matter
·    Summarize
·    Channel matters 
·    Push beyond the common wisdom and top of mind trends

To conclude, we can surely state that popularity and reach of any content will depend on the content marketing strategy. 

Video Marketing : The Essential Element Of Content

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- Mansi Priya, Marketing, Trivone Digital

Standing out of the crowd and create a marketing campaign out of the box has always been a challenge for a marketer. In digital campaigns content should appeal visually and be retained by customers. So the digital marketer has to brainstorm, on creating methods to leave a strong impact on the readers. In the era of digital transformation and data available in your palm, an essential element to impress the reader is video.


Today when people are too busy in their life, with lowering patience levels, digital marketers need to grab the attention of the target audience. Video Marketing is an extension of text content marketing, but it serves as an alternative medium for businesses to convey their message. Through videos marketers can reach a wider audience and get more exposure to their message. Watching video is less time consuming and creativity of audio-visual clipping leave a good impact on the audience.

Videos are a big hit on social media. They give customers quick overview of product/service without involving them to read detailed text information. The involvement time of the customer is reduced and makes it interesting for them. 

To tap the upcoming audience, which is comprised mostly of millennials, marketers should understand what impacts them best. David Shing, Digital Prophet at AOL, says that Gen Y consumers are “freaky for videos”. They like to spend their time on content. To make the content consumption interesting for them, use of videos is important.

As marketers put more emphasis on storytelling, to make an emotional connect with the customers, showing a video is like a cherry on cake. This enables to build strong connectivity with the customers. Videos enable strong storytelling in short yet memorable way, which viewers can enjoy and marketers can analyse.

We can imagine the future of videos. After tremendous success of You Tube in so many years, people started sharing videos on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This practice became so common that Facebook opened doors to video creators. Earlier this year, Facebook announced that, its video uploads would be having embedding on other sites. Now Facebook is attracting major video creators to the social network and making it more dynamic for its readers.

Thanks to the technology tools, it has become easier than ever for anyone to create a video at minimal cost. It has become easy to capture the attention of readers by videos yet it is critically important to have an effective strategy. The consumption of videos has increased excessively on mobile. The technical plugins and resolution should be taken care of, to make the consumption easy for audience.

The Digital Marketer should not skip this essential element in digital campaigns to create strong impression on readers.

Make Your Content Resourceful

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- Mansi Priya, Marketing, Trivone Digital

To have an effective content marketing strategy there should be a written plan for it. Do you know why it is done? It is because one should make content a resource. In today's world the internet is flooding with content. Out of that flooded content there is very limited amount that is actually useful. Don't confuse your reader with too much content, instead provide them with content that leads to a solution.


There are two types of content present on the internet. One is which the reader just reads and flips to another. The reader reads that because it is interesting to read, catchy language makes the reader read the full information, or good use of graphics is done. The other content is the one which reader reads and retains. That content is the one reader is looking for. (S)he retains that content because it provides a solution.

To make your visitiors turn to readers and tranform them from readers to target audience one should be resourceful in content. Provide solution based content and not just readable content.


Content is not King! It is the Emperor who is not wearing Clothes.

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- L Subramanyan, CEO Trivone

I am quite tired of this cliché. I mean, everybody I meet tells me that Content is the next best thing after sliced bread, but the minute you scratch the surface, you figure out that either they are mouthing inanities that they clearly don't understand, or worse, don't even care. The only analogy that I can think of is a Delhiite who has got used to mouthing “we respect our women”. Touche.

Think about it. You have reams of content sitting inside a company and the best that they can do is put up a really bland and anti-septic case study on their website, which is updated once a week. Stretch it and they will produce an even more bland video, with their CEO or their customer(s) sitting across the table in a  black suit and saying:

“we are very excited with this blah blah technology and are confidant that this is going to have a transformative impact on the industry”; or

“we are excited to work with Subu and Co (insert your company name here) and are confidant that this association will lead to a win-win situation for both the companies;

Or words to that effect.

There are stories out there. Engaging stories, stories about people, stories about their lives getting changed, stories about how a company has deeply impacted finite sections of people, why, even societies. Stories that do not need to hide behind the mumbo-jumbo of officialese or technical claptrap.

More importantly, stories that you would want to read or watch and share and think about.

People like to read about people, period.

Why do companies fight shy of humanizing their stories? Why do they believe that hiding behind the technology screen is going to get them readers? Why do they think that their customer is one big entity, staffed and run by automatons, devoid of any human emotions? Beats me.

The customer who is sitting across the table, albeit in a black suit, is still a human being. (S)he has emotions, feels anger, happiness, frustration, has a home… and while (s)he may be a taking a  decision based on purely logical and rational basis, there is no harm in doing it with a chuckle.

You have customers to sell to. You have great products, provide great services, have a world class process to back it up… problem is your competitor also has exactly the same. The chuckle can sometimes be the difference between the two of you.

The first thing you do to that is to throw out the black book. Discover stories within your company. Discover the kind of stuff you have done for your customer(s). Go beyond the obvious. Discover the difference you, your company, your product have made to your customer’s customers lives. If you haven’t made any difference, you have a bigger problem.

Write them down. Capture them on camera. Tell a story. A 2 page case study can be told in 3 minutes on video and will be far easier to consume. Viral your videos socially. You will hear a lot more chuckles and more smiling faces when you meet your prospects next time.

You have a treasure trove inside your own organization to go out and market with in terms of these stories.

Now go and drape the damn emperor!