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Social Media Marketing : A Ticket To Success

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- Aman Sohi, Manager Content, Trivone Digital

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage”, Amy Jo Martin 

Whenever we show interest in connecting with our friends, family or business associates, platforms like facebook, twitter and Linkedin comes to our mind. Over the years, science and technology has grown at a rapid speed, giving way to spellbound inventions. We have always been bamboozled with the presence and use of such inventions. Internet has by far proved itself to be one of the most profitable medium, enabling its users to multitask. Now we can easily socialize with our peers and groups with the help of internet. Social media portals such as facbook, twitter and linkedin enables us to pontificate our thoughts on any trending issue or a general debate. 

If we talk about businesses and brands, advertising has always been an urgent need to gain profit and popularity. Other than some obsolete methods of advertising, businesses use social media platforms in full swing in order to reach their investors and audience. Being active on such platforms gives plethora of options for the brand to explore. 


There are few factors, which influence business leaders to use social media. It includes:
- Education, especially with regards to social media and the online world.
- Relationships, both with customers and people.
- Motivation 
- Leadership 
- Technology 

Today, presence on social media portals has become essential for every small, medium or large businesses. It’s like blowing your own trumpet, but in a logically appropriate way. Stronger the presence, higher becomes the chances of reaching maximum target audience. If your update has been shared, that’s even better, you seal the chance of engaging a larger group of audience. One of the advantages of making use of the social media marketing is that it bridges the lacuna, which is sometimes created between customers and brands. 

Blending of infographics with good amount of content also increases the chances for brands to reach a wider audience. But the bottom line remains, it is only possible with the use of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing For B2B Companies

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- Mansi Priya, Marketing, Trivone Digital

In the increasing era of social media the world is getting small. Companies are able to interact with their consumers worldwide through the platform of social media. Brands establish a strong relation and maintain brand loyalty through these platforms. Then why should B2B companies avoid social media?


There are myths that close the doors for social media for B2B marketing. Many B2B marketers feel that social media is not the right platform for their company or their target audience don't use social media. Some feel that social media is only for young people. These are some of the myths that keep marketers of B2B companies away from social media. 

In today’s era of rapid changes in digital marketing and presence across social media, B2B marketers can’t go very far with traditional methods of digital marketing. Social media is one channel, which can prove to be loyalty builder for B2B businesses. Social media enables B2B companies to feature their credibility and frame a reputation in competitive markets.

By using social media platforms B2B marketers increase the exposure of their company, increase the traffic for their digital marketing campaigns, develop loyal fan following, generate new leads and improve sales. Social media can reduce the existing marketing expenses and provide a better insight to the marketplace. 

Some of the B2B businesses such as Dell, Ford, Microsoft Advertising and GE have done great work using social media platforms for their digital marketing campaigns. It is not necessary for B2B companies to be boring and stick to traditional digital strategies. Big companies have churned out great results with social media marketing. 

Social media marketing gives the marketer an insight about what their consumers are expecting. They can understand how the dynamics are changing, what are the upcoming trends affecting their consumers, how can they establish better relations with their consumers and many more such fields which cannot be accomplished using other digital marketing tools. Social media is an excellent platform to spread a good word of mouth. Good word of mouth helps B2B marketers to generate leads and encourage promoters. 

Digital has changed marketing trends so social media has also affected the current marketing. Social media has changed customer experience and their expectations. So to keep up with the changing trends and keep your customers’ faith B2B marketers should not skip social media marketing in their digital marketing. 

Make Your Content Resourceful

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- Mansi Priya, Marketing, Trivone Digital

To have an effective content marketing strategy there should be a written plan for it. Do you know why it is done? It is because one should make content a resource. In today's world the internet is flooding with content. Out of that flooded content there is very limited amount that is actually useful. Don't confuse your reader with too much content, instead provide them with content that leads to a solution.


There are two types of content present on the internet. One is which the reader just reads and flips to another. The reader reads that because it is interesting to read, catchy language makes the reader read the full information, or good use of graphics is done. The other content is the one which reader reads and retains. That content is the one reader is looking for. (S)he retains that content because it provides a solution.

To make your visitiors turn to readers and tranform them from readers to target audience one should be resourceful in content. Provide solution based content and not just readable content.


Expanding Business Through Social Media

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- Mansi Priya, Marketing, Trivone Digital

People used social media to interact with friends and relatives. Now they interact with brands and companies through social media. It is a great tool for organizations to promote their websites and to keep new and existing customers chatting about their business.

im-social (2)

Social media marketing is attaining new heights to promote businesses. The number of SMEs is increasing and so is their marketing strategy. A report states that out of 10 SMEs, 8 use social media for their business to drive growth. Many B2C marketers attain their customers through Facebook. Majority of the luxury brands have a presence on Pinterest which increases their sales and increases user engagement. Majority B2B marketers connect with organisations and do business through Linkedin. Celebrities have fan following through twitter, even US President just logged in twitter to connect with his countrymen.

Social media lowers many geographical barriers creating a much broader spectrum of people to target. Social media profiles and content can be seen and shared from anywhere on the planet, thereby offering businesses significant opportunities to increase brand awareness and engagement. There are many successful campaigns on social media for companies like Oreo, Red Bull http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/03/24/6-brands-that-will-have-you-rethinking-your-social-media-marketing-strategy/

Businesses must therefore utilise social networks to enhance their interaction with a broader audience in diverse locations. If businesses wish to optimise their digital marketing, a move towards social media is essential.

The Jaldi 5 for B2B Digital Marketing

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- L Subramanyan, CEO, Trivone Digital


In the beginning was the word… the written word, lovingly called ‘text’, then came the design element followed by a whole wave of social media tools. Somewhere along the way, Whatsapp and their ilk got into the act. Just when we thought it was some kind of a (brief) end-point, along came the video. While all this was going on, the platform changed from desktop to laptop to tablet to the ubiquitous cell phone.

The above paraphrases the changes that I have seen in the last four years that I have been running Trivone. Inevitably, this has led to a constant change in the business model (any version of which lasts just a quarter or two, anyway).

If that is evident to you, and me, there is one animal that is somewhat oblivious of the above mentioned changes – the Indian (if not other) companies that are selling to other companies, called the B2B segment. Most use their websites (and ALL of them have one) as nothing but a broadcast tool, not updated regularly, replete with ‘prison-row’ kind of images, with gibberish that would have you reaching for the next large peg of Black Dog!

The irony is that the maximum usage of this change is probably the B2B companies. Consider this: B2B companies have a finite set of customers or at least a finite universe of prospects. They have a very clear and rational business case (no depending upon the finer emotional sensibilities of their customers), can convey most of their information across formats, the cost of converting their stories into videos is relatively low and everybody in the B2B business has a cell phone.

So what is the problem? To my mind, it is just plain and simple inertia and a bull-like stubbornness to accept that digital is a part of business. Most of such companies have a CIO, who is only, at best, an infrastructure manager and is a technical geek. (S)he is not considered to be strategic to the business. The attendant problem is that anything that is IT is the CIO’s bailiwick, and hence considered IT and hence not strategic to the business. It is not as if the CEO or the owner doesn't understand the importance of Digital in her life; it is just that (s)he believes that her life and her business are two different things. That is the irony.

How do we change this mindset? For starters, the owner has to understand that Digital is core to the strategic business of the company; irrespective whether one is selling toothbrushes or rocket launchers (not that either of the businesses is inferior or superior to the other). I would ask each owner to do the following, from tomorrow morning:

1.     Start reading the business newspaper on a tablet. That way you can read a story, comment and send it to people in a company.

2.     Get social yourself… throw out the black tie and start getting your Linked in, FB, Twitter accounts active. You will meet people from your business and affiliated groups, start following discussions and over time you will start to participate.

3.     Make your company website page the default page on your browser. Even if you spend less than 3 seconds on it, that is 15 seconds in a week! A huge increase from today’s 15 seconds in a month, if at all.

4.     Make your marketing person explain why (s)he cannot use digital marketing tools to reach out to prospects. It is possible that (s)he may not be able to do all the time, at least it will make her think before giving you a marketing plan, sans digital

5.     Spend at least half a day in a month to attend the countless digital marketing/ mobile marketing events. Most of them may be worthless, but even if one such event gives you one insight once a month, you are on your way.

That's it! Nothing enormous. The above five things will not take more than 10 minutes of your time in a whole day! Who knows, pigs may actually fly.